JWS Symposium, University of Toronto.

On Friday July 23, 2010, the Human Factors Interest Group (HFIG) of the University of Toronto hosted a symposium of Applied Human Factors Research in celebration of Prof. John W. Senders' 90th Birthday. The event brought together some of the most influential members of the Human Factors community including Shumin Zhai, Research Staff Member at IBM Almaden Research Centre, and Abigail Sellen, Principle Researcher at Microsoft Research Cambridge. The speakers touched on the pioneering work of Prof. Senders and his colleagues in the 1960s and discussed a host of other issues related to current Human Factors Research.

Here are some pictures of the speakers and participants. More photos of the event (by Anthony Soung Yee) can be found here.

Symposium participants

JWS and Professor Paul Milgram

Dr. Abigail Sellen, Microsoft, Cambridge, UK

Professor Neville Moray, via Skype from southern France

Professor Don Donderi, McGill University and Human Factors

Dr. Alison Smiley, Human Factors North

Dr. Jerry Elkind

Dr. Shumin Zhai, IBM

Professor Don Norman

JWS and Professor Jean Zu, Chair of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto

Special thanks to the Human Factors Interest Group (HFIG), and Kevin Trinh and Kate Sellen for organising the symposium.